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“So There” album details

sothere_200As has been previously announced, Ben Folds’ new album So There comes out on September 11, 2015, and the press is heating up with articles and previews.

So There represents a turning point in Ben’s musical adventures. Last year he teamed up with the New York-based string sextet yMusic to create what represents a departure from his rougher roots and continuing his trend toward working with classical orchestras. Not strictly a classical ensemble, however, yMusic uniquely adapts to Ben’s pop edginess and quirkiness. And the members of yMusic get as much of a kick working with Ben as he does with them – it seems like a perfect synergy.

It’s certainly not the first collaboration with a small string ensemble for Folds, either. As far back as 1999, he enlisted a string quartet and horn quintet as accompaniment on several of the tracks on The Unauthorized Autobiography of Reinhold Messner.

The track list

While the album will be released on CD and vinyl, the timing and sequencing of the vinyl requires two discs be pressed, leaving some additional time that wouldn’t be available on a single CD. As a bonus, several instrumental tracks are added to round out the B-side of the second platter.

Disc one:

1. Capable Of Anything
2. Not A Fan
3. So There
4. Long Way To Go
5. Phone In A Pool
6. Yes Man
7. F10-D-A
8. I’m Not The Man

Disc two:

1. Concerto For Piano and Orchestra, Movement 1
2. Concerto For Piano and Orchestra, Movement 2
3. Concerto For Piano and Orchestra, Movement 3
4. So There (Instrumental)
5. Capable Of Anything (Instrumental)
6. Yes Man (Instrumental)
7. Not A Fan (Instrumental)

Release formats


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