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Retrospective album

Release day for “Best Imitation”

So, what do you think of it?

Today (October 10) is the day that Ben’s retrospective compilation Best Imitation of Myself goes on sale in the United Kingdom, and tomorrow (October 11) in the US. If you’ve picked up your copy (that is, if there are any record stores left where you are), have had it delivered, or have downloaded it, let us know what you think! Leave your review in the comments section of this post and we’ll publish the best ones and bounce them over to the Magical Armchair e-mail discussion list (you can subscribe as well, using the box to the right). Is your favorite concert-only song on it? A song from a show you attended? Something you’ve only heard on a fifth-generation mixtape or bootleg, finally in the clear? Let everyone know your first impressions, and enjoy!

The vault is open

The collection of 56 historical Ben Folds tracks, the Ben Folds Fifty-Five Vault, is now live and available for download. The list includes many remastered and original songs from Ben’s collection of demo and alternate takes and material from Sony’s vaults as well. More than half the tracks are previously unreleased. The tracks can be purchased here from The complete collection costs $29.99, but individual tracks can be purchased for 99 cents each. Those who purchase Best Imitation of Myself, which goes on sale Tuesday, Oct. 11, will get a code which can be redeemed for a free five-song EP containing a sampling of the tracks available for download. The Free Folds Five EP, as it’s known, contains the tracks Dr. Yang, Narcolepsy (with Darren and Robert), and early demos of Song For the Dumped, Steven’s Last Night in Town and Underground. (more…)

Retrospective announcement with track listing


Updated: See below.

The Best Imitation of Myself is the natural name for Ben’s latest project, a 3-disc set consisting of greatest hits, live tracks and rarities. It’s due to drop October 11, and the cover art and packaging is still being worked on (and you can help),  is shown at left, but the sequencing is done. It’s a treasure trove of all things Ben that every fan will want. The track listing: (more…)

Call for memorabilia

Ben Folds piano dive poster from 1994As discussed previously, Ben’s working on a magnum opus, a three-disc set which will consist in part of old stuff and rareties never before heard. In connection with the artwork design for the package, Ben’s asking for anyone who has memorabilia, such as photos, posters and ticket stubs, from the early days (more…)