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Brick, the Musical

Omaha, Nebraska’s SkullDuggery Productions, a small, offbeat theatre company, is running a show titled Brick: The A Capella Musical, through the month of July 2010. It’s based on Ben’s music and story lines, including the eponymous Brick along with Effington, Zak and Sara and Fred Jones. The show’s writer and director, Andrew McGreevy, says the lead character, named Ben, isn’t necessarily supposed to be Folds himself, but rather a guy “who has breezed through his life without staying committed to much.” The Ben character goes on a road trip, encounters the football coach in Effington, meets a female couple who run the town restaurant, and gets involved in a love triangle where he discloses that he had taken his former girlfriend (Emaline) to a women’s clinic. More in this story in the Omaha Weekly Reader. The show runs through July 31; tickets are $20 and reservations may be made by calling the theatre at (402) 317-7893.