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Rethink Music

“8 in 8” project gets underway today

As we told you earlier, Ben’s in Boston, getting ready (at 4:00 PM EDT; 2000 UTC) to team up with Amanda Palmer and Damian Kulash to write the songs to Neil Gaiman’s lyrics in their project to write and record eight songs in eight hours as part of the Rethink Music conference.  The whole thing is being webcast live. The team is seeking suggestions for song titles as well as a band name and will be watching the hashtag #8in8 on Twitter (see our right sidebar for a running feed during and after the event). It’ll be released Tuesday morning and available for purchase.

Music mashup on tap for Berklee

Ben Folds will be taking part in a demonstration of do-it-yourself music creation and publishing as part of the Rethink Music conference in Boston later this month. (more…)