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WNYC stop on New York publicity swing

Ben and Nick are making several appearances in and around New York City this week, which included the Housing Works benefit show on Oct. 12.  Today (Oct. 13) they appeared on public radio WNYC’s Soundcheck program with John Schaefer. Also as we previously reported, tomorrow night (Oct 14) Ben and Nick will appear on NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, along with the road band (drummer Sam Smith, new bassist Ryan Leeman, and tambo guy Chad Chapin).

Release day

The long-awaited Folds/Hornby collaboration Lonely Avenue hits store shelves, both physical and virtual, today, and with it a flurry of events and upcoming tour.  Ben and Nick were on NPR’s Morning Edition, discussing the art of penning lyrics and wrapping music around them.  (More press items on the Check your Papers and the TV page.)

BBC interview with Ben and Nick

In London as part of a European PR tour, Ben and Nick Hornby visited BBC Radio 4’s Today programme and chatted with reporter Nicola Stanbridge. Listen here.