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William Shatner

Ask William Shatner

Now is your chance to ask questions of William Shatner, star of the CBS hit comedy $#*! My Dad Says. The best questions asked by fans will be packaged as a video and posted in the near future. Get more details and post your question!

Talk with $#*! creator

Justin Halpern, the creator of the Twitter phenom known as $#*! My Dad Says, will be chatting live with fans following Thursday’s episode of the new CBS-TV series based on the Twitter feed. ¬†Potential chatters should register here.

This has relevance, of course, because Ben’s new track¬†Your Dogs is the theme song for the show and Ben’s piano licks provide the interstitial music in and out of segments. And, ¬†William Shatner, who has collaborated with Ben musically, plays the “My Dad” character.

Shatner in new TV series

Not exactly Ben Folds news, but: William Shatner, who has collaborated with Ben on many an occasion, is set to star as the dad who speaks his mind in the pilot episode of a sitcom based on the Twitter postings of Justin Halpern under his $#*! My Dad Says account (caution: crude language on this site). This, according to a post on The Archie-Bunker-esque postings from Halpern’s dad read like a sitcom in and of themselves. Any speculation as to whether Ben will provide the soundtrack?

Update: The show has been picked up by CBS Television and will be part of the fall 2010 schedule.