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Radio appearances

Wait, wait – it’s Ben Folds Five!

This weekend, Ben Folds Five becomes part of one of public radio’s most popular shows as Ben joins Peter Sagal, fellow North Carolinian Carl Kasell and the panel on Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me.

Wait Wait is a weekly light-hearted news quiz program in which a panel of columnists, satirists and commentators discuss the week’s serious and strange events in a nutty way that will have you laughing. It’s recorded each week in front of a live audience, usually at the Chase Auditorium in Chicago, though they go on tour a couple times a year. Listeners call in (1-888-WAIT-WAIT) to play games like the Listener Limerick Challenge, where they have to complete a series of limericks about the news, or Bluff the Listener, where the caller has to figure out which of three offbeat news stories is the real one.

The most popular segment, though, is called Not My Job, where a celebrity guest (more…)

Help Ben pick the tunes on BBC’s “Now Playing”

Ben will be the guest on Tom Robinson’s Now Playing show on BBC Radio 6 Music Sunday, September 23, a popular British radio programme in which guest artists help choose the songs to be played during the two-hour 6-8pm block. (That translates to 1pm in the US Eastern time zone.) As Ben sits in, he’ll be watching the hashtag #BenFolds56Music on Twitter for fan suggestions. No worries – if you’re not in the UK you can listen online.

Ben on Bob Edwards Weekend

Ben will be one of the guests on the syndicated radio show Bob Edwards Weekend this weekend (November 6-7). The veteran public radio host discusses Lonely Avenue and other topics with Ben. The program can be heard in a variety of ways: local public radio stations (times vary by station), Sirius/XM Radio at 7AM Eastern time on Saturday, and online via iTunes podcast.

WNYC stop on New York publicity swing

Ben and Nick are making several appearances in and around New York City this week, which included the Housing Works benefit show on Oct. 12.  Today (Oct. 13) they appeared on public radio WNYC’s Soundcheck program with John Schaefer. Also as we previously reported, tomorrow night (Oct 14) Ben and Nick will appear on NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, along with the road band (drummer Sam Smith, new bassist Ryan Leeman, and tambo guy Chad Chapin).