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The Sing-Off, Season 3

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Best Imitation of Myself album

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Lonely Avenue album and tour

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  • Ben chats with Adam Carolla on his Internet radio show. Episode can be listened to online or downloaded to iTunes. (19 July 2011)
  • BBC World News America – Nick Hornby and Ben Folds make music together (with video), by Shanon Cook
  • Bob Edwards Weekend (Sirius XM and Public Radio International) – Interview, November 6, 2010
  • Sirius XM Book Radio – rebroadcast of Spin Liner Notes show, various days and times in November 2010
  • BBC review of Lonely Avenue – An affecting and intelligent record: the pair shouldn’t shy away from a sequel, by Andrew Mueller
  • WNYC Soundcheck, interview and performance with Nick Hornby, hosted by John Schafer (Oct. 13)
  • NPR’s Morning Edition, interview with Ari Shapiro
  • BBC Radio 4 Today, interview with Nicola Stanbridge

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The Sing-Off, Season 2

TV, print and online articles:

  • New York Magazine – Best and worst of The Sing-Off, Season Two (Ben with “most musically on-point commentary”)
  • NBC-TV The Today Show – Ben says he’s “looking to be moved”  when judging contestants (Dec. 15, 2010)
  • Ben Folds is still fantastic, by Linda Holmes, Monkey See TV blogger)
  • “The Sing-Off” proves Ben Folds needs his own television show, by Kyle Anderson
  • Ben Folds boarded the a cappella bandwagon before joining “The Sing-Off” reality show, by Steve McLean
  • The New York Times (free registration required): Summoning harmony on the fly, by Neil Genzlinger