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The Magical Armchair returns

chair_200The Magical Armchair is the name of this website and our Twitter feed, true, but the original Magical Armchair was an e-mail discussion list – a chatroom for the horse and buggy age, if you will. But in this day of Facebook groups and Snapchat, e-mail is still very much with us, and everybody has one, so it’s time to continue the tradition.

Originally, the Magical Armchair didn’t have a name – it was just titled The Ben Folds Five Digest, a compilation of e-mails from fans like you, sent to me to painstakingly handcraft and e-mail out to each subscriber. Fans chose the new name, we automated distribution and it migrated to two other hosts, the most recent of which (Topica) closed its listserver last year, leaving the Armchair without a home.

I’ve fixed that up now, and the Magical Armchair e-mail list is once again alive, right here on the domain, and anyone can subscribe and participate! Best of all, there are actually two mailing lists: one for discussion ( and one just to receive notifications of new posts and other important news (armchair-news) if you don’t want to see the discussion. And either can be sent out as individual messages or a daily digest at your option. You don’t need to subscribe to both; everything that appears on armchair-news will also be sent to armchair subscribers.

If you were a member of the old Topica list and your e-mail address was still valid, you should have received an invitation to join both lists. When you do, just follow the directions to click on the link to confirm your subscription and you’re in!

For everyone else, you can still join armchair or armchair-news. Just click on these links and you’ll be taken to a signup page.

Because this is the 21st century and misuse of e-mail addresses is all too common, please be assured that your e-mail address will never be given, sold or provided to any outside third parties. We’ll also do our best to make sure that no spam arrives in your inbox through either of the Armchair lists while still making it possible for you to post your album or show review or other discussion topics.

Welcome back, Magical Armchair! With all of Ben’s projects, the release of So There and the yMusic collaboration, there’s no better time to keep in touch with fellow fans and get the latest news directly to your inbox.

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