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Younha said to be joining Ben in Korea

YounhaKorean pop singer Younha, largely unknown in the West but a popular artist in Korea and Japan, is expected to join Ben on-stage at the upcoming show in Seoul on June 9th. A musician since age 4, Younha has achieved pop success in the last decade, first in Japan on the heels of her J-pop style music being used in kids’ animated television shows and video games, and later in her homeland of South Korea.  Of course, Ben has been amazingly popular in Japan since the debut of  Ben Folds Five in the mid-1990s. Like many Asians attuned to Western pop, Younha has been a fan of Ben’s for many years, and is a former label-mate, having released several records on the Sony Epic label in Japan. Rumor has it that she’ll join in on One Angry Dwarf & 200 Solemn Faces. Her official website is, naturally, in Korean, but there is a Facebook page and there are a couple music videos on YouTube.

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