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“Big Bang Boom” booked for Lollapalooza

Ben’s brother Chuck Folds and his  Big Bang Boom bandmates Steve Williard and Eddie Walker (yes, that Eddie Walker) will be boppin’ across the generations at Lollapalooza 2011 in Chicago. The performance date and time aren’t set as of now but the festival takes place over the weekend of August 5-7 in the vast green expanses of the windy city’s Grant Park, which runs along Lake Michigan in front of the iconic Chicago skyline. Kids and parents alike will find joy and happiness in the band’s music, which is aimed at the younger set but is un-sappy enough that older folks can enjoy it too. You can’t help but smile and dance when Big Bang Boom is on stage.  Not to worry – the usual array of bands will be taking part, with headliners Foo Fighters, Coldplay and Eminem drawing the biggest crowds, but in recent years Lollapalooza has evolved from its grungefest roots into a “something for everyone” festival, and you can’t beat the setting.

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