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Retrospective compilation in the works

Updated (see below)

Ben’s been talking about his latest recording project, a retrospective 3-volume set spanning his musical career. Each disc of the three-disc set, to be released on Sony’s Legacy label, will be of a different theme: one a historical “best of” for newer fans, one a live compilation, and the third, undoubtedly the most desirable, being rare tracks including some that have never been heard (and maybe that Ben doesn’t even remember writing), many most likely salvaged from the Nashville flood that wiped out one of Ben’s Baldwins but left most of his historical tapes intact. This is an epic project, as Ben has been going through thousands of hours of live material including the unreleased material from the reunion show that was webcast on MySpace (for those who don’t remember MySpace, it was like Facebook only more cluttered), and an alternate take of the eponymous Ben Folds Five.  Word has it too that there will be bonus surprises for those who pick up the deluxe version. No release date has been set

Update: Ben says the tracks for the main disc and the live disc have been selected and sequenced, and now that he’s back in the US, he’s starting to work on the rarities. (17 June 2011)

Call for memorabilia: See related post. (26 July 2011)

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