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Folds covers Kesha song, for charity

Ordinarily, Ben covering another artist’s song, even in his inimitably parodistic style (e.g. B****es ain’t $#!+), doesn’t make news, but for some reason the entertainment press has picked up on his latest celebrity knockoff. This time, it’s the work of Kesha Rose Sebert, mononomically known as KE$HA, if you can call it “work”. The cover of Sleazy debuted at the Chicago show back in November, though the guys had been working it up and rehearsing it when we met in Detroit a couple days before, and they were all abuzz about the possibilities.

The story, as Ben tells it, is that they decided at a specific time they’d sign on to Apple’s iTunes music service and cover the song that was number one at that moment, and that’s where the roulette wheel of musical fate landed.  They’ve subsequently made a studio version of the cover. has posted a story about the song with side-by-side comparison videos, so you can judge for yourself which one you prefer.

The song can be downloaded for a donation supporting Japan tsunami relief.

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