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Nick Hornby

Folds/Hornby project update

Recording is finished for the Ben Folds/Nick Hornby collaboration and the tracks have been sequenced. Ben plans to finish mastering it after the tour. The album name has yet to be determined also, but the track names are:

  1. Working Day
  2. Picture Window
  3. Levi Johnston’s Blues
  4. Your Dogs
  5. Doc Pomus
  6. Practical Amanda
  7. Claire’s Ninth
  8. Password
  9. From Above
  10. Saskia Hamilton
  11. Belinda
  12. Belindaaaaaaaah

Hornby/Folds track out

The Australian website The Age has posted Picture Window, one of the tracks to emerge from the collaboration between Ben and author Nick Hornby. The demo video has the song accompanied by a gallery of stills taken by Ben and Fleur, including the Buddha statuette Ben picked up recently at a drugstore in Australia, where Ben’s playing a few dates in Sydney and Melbourne.

Nick Hornby collaboration update

Ben is still working with Nick Hornby as reported earlier on this website, but the project has taken the form of an e-mail collaboration. Nick periodically e-mails lyrics to Ben, who told the Sunday Times of London, “when I have a moment, I stare at them until I hear a song.” The album is about half finished, according to the story in Australia’s Sky News, and would include a dozen songs penned by Hornby on topics of love and life.