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Interesting or weird stuff

Folds covers Kesha song, for charity

Ordinarily, Ben covering another artist’s song, even in his inimitably parodistic style (e.g. B****es ain’t $#!+), doesn’t make news, but for some reason the entertainment press has picked up on his latest celebrity knockoff. This time, it’s the work of Kesha Rose Sebert, mononomically known as KE$HA, if you can call it “work”. (more…)

Sketches of Ben and the guys

LinkaNeo sketch of Ben and the bandEnglish sketch artist LinkaNeo (real name Lucy-Rose Wyatt), who hails from London, has posted a colorful composite of sketches of Ben, Sam, Andrew, Ryan and Chad on her tumblr blog titled Time Takes Time, you know?. (more…)

Autographed drum head being auctioned

Armchair reader Brent e-mailed us to say that he spotted a drumhead autographed by Ben, Darren Jessee and Robert Sledge on the auction site As of the time of this post, the high bid is $13 but the auction ends in a few hours. Brent thought it was best that a fan have the opportunity to own this one-of-a-kind piece. It comes with a certificate of authenticity and looks like it’s mounted in a frame with cover art from The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner. Best of all, proceeds from the auction go to support Goodwill Industries and their mission-driven services. Happy bidding!

Pictures from the Hammersmith Apollo show

Justin Ng of Entertainment Focus, a UK entertainment website, took some great photos on stage with Ben and the band at the Hammersmith Apollo in London. Ben wanted the photogs at the show to come up and get better shots than they could from the front of the stage, and Justin’s pictures show the up-close experience.

Crowdsourcing a cappella

Ben directs the First Avenue audienceNever one to be lacking new ideas, Ben’s latest is to assemble an a cappella performance piece with parts recorded by the audience at the midwestern US shows this month and next, in the manner of the vocal chorus to Army or Not the Same that’s become a staple.  Ben says it’s a fairly involved arrangement in the VideoSong style (as pioneered by groups such as Pomplamoose), meant to work together after recording the parts at eight different shows.  He plans to edit it after the US tour leg finishes up in February, and hopes to release it before beginning the Europe tour in mid-February. The first part, comprising the bass and vocal percussion parts to Working Day, was recorded at the Minneapolis show Sunday  night (January 23, 2011). Check his YouTube channel to see how the audience did as performers.