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Chicago Symphony and National Symphony shows cancelled

Ben has also had to cancel the June 9 National Symphony “Declassified” show as well. The Kennedy Center will issue refunds.

(Following was posted earlier.)

From Ben’s Instagram:

Hi all,

My Chicago Symphony Orchestra concert for Tuesday May 30th cannot go on because I’ve tested positive for Covid. I’m disappointed as hell, and I apologize to all ticket holders and to the CSO. I was packed and ready to go.

All in all, I’m alright. I’m pretty washed out, but luckily not nearly as bad as we know this thing can sometimes be. So, I’ll stay in and do promo and interviews for the new album which comes out on June 2nd, and as soon as I get my happy negative test, I’ll be out there touring. I have no reason to think anything else will need to be cancelled, but I’ll keep you abreast.


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