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Folds to “superjam” at Bonnaroo

superjam2014_200The annual Manchester, Tennessee Bonnaroo Festival has announced its schedule for the 2014 gathering, and included are two Superjam sessions, always favorites of the festival. This year the Friday night Superjam is being headed up by guitar great Derek Trucks and will feature special guest Ben Folds. Superjams include a variety of jam-band and related artists and the Friday night session includes Trucks’ wife and blues-band musical partner Susan Tedeschi, Chaka Khan, Taj Mahal and a host of other prominent players. The Bonnaroo Festival’s website describes the Superjam as

“…the most highly anticipated Bonnaroo concert tradition and the festival’s signature event. A diverse set of superstar musicians unite for a one-time-only collaborative performance. The Superjam is always a wild show full of surprises where neither the fans nor the artists really know where it’s headed.”

and if there’s anyone who can craft a wild show full of surprises, it’s Folds. Superjam takes place at That Tent on Friday night, June 13 at midnight (early morning hours of Saturday). Full information on the festival, including tickets and details on the dozens of performances, can be found at the Bonnaroo website.

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