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Full “Community” song surfaces

Community_200You probably recall either seeing Ben Folds pop up in a cameo role on the January 9 episode of the NBC-TV show Community, or you heard about it afterwards and are waiting for the rerun. There was also something about dropping money down people’s pants to the tune of – what was that? - Ass Crack Bandit??? Nothing out of place for Folds, whose repertoire includes such off-color lyrics as “Well, f*** you too!” as well as his cover of Dr. Dre’s classic B****** ain’t S***”. But the aforementioned song about currency and peoples’ derrieres ran during a network TV show, much to the astonishment and delight of viewers and critics alike. And although video clips have been posted online of the minute or so snippet of the song that aired in the episode, the full-length version remained in the vaults – until today, when the full version of ASSCRACK Bandit appeared on YouTube. Here, in all its three minutes and 56 seconds of glory, is the song you’ve been waiting to hear. So get your MP3 players ready for some intragluteal numismatics and a few chuckles besides.

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