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Ben Folds’ photographs in new UK gallery exhibit

Those who have been at a Ben Folds show in recent years have become accustomed to the house lights coming up at some point, whereupon Ben pulls out a camera and takes a picture or two of the audience. He’s also known for Tweeting and Instagramming pictures of his travels, rehearsals, and family moments. Over the past several years, Ben’s photography has gone from a curiosity to a high level of competence and skill. You’ll recall that his triptych of solo EPs and subsequent compilation albums bore a photographic theme – Sunny 16, Speed Graphic, Super D.

Now, Ben’s photography takes another leap over his music with an exhibit of his works at the most prominent gallery in the United Kingdom. The Richard Goodall Gallery in Manchester will premiere Image Versus Verse: The Photography of Ben Folds on Wednesday, November 28 with a gallery appearance by Ben, Darren and Robert, who will sign and personalize images from the exhibition.

The gallery describes the collection as “[a]n inside look at life experienced within moments of solitude, humour in the studio, and then loudness as we see the stage and the crowds.” It features photos of the band and friends along with candid photos of musicians Ben has worked with, including Regina Spektor and William Shatner.

The Richard Goodall Gallery is at 103 High Street in Manchester, UK. The show runs through January 12.

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