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Ben Fraggles Five?

Chris Hardwick, also known as The Nerdist, has put together a special video version of Do It Anyway from the upcoming album The Sound of the Life of the Mind, featuring The Fraggles, from Jim Henson’s 1980s-era childrens’ show Fraggle Rock. The video, with Chris as the hapless audio engineer, also features Rob Corddry and Anna Kendrick as well as a Fraggle cast of thousands (well, not quite thousands). Fraggles are seen down in their cave as the ceiling starts to crumble from the pounding on the floor above, only to find it’s Robert’s jumping around and Darren’s drumming that’s causing the collapse. Saved by a stray mic cord that falls down the hole in the floor, the Fraggles emerge from underground and join the band, popping up from behind the drums and joining Ben at the keys. For anyone who grew up on Henson’s lovably silly creatures, this is a nostalgic look with a wickedly contemporary twist. And one wonders, with the band back together, whether a Fraggles version of Underground is in the works?

You’ll recall that we debuted Do It Anyway as a free download here on the Armchair back in May.

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