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The Sing-Off’s Kenton to open for Folds

Kenton Chen, founding member of the a cappella group The Backbeats, will open for Ben’s four shows next week in North Carolina and Virginia. Kenton, the Backbeats’ musical director, is working on an EP and has two tracks available for download on He also has an album, Something about Love, on iTunes as well. Audiences at these shows are in for a treat – Kenton’s style, “playful, thoughtful and full of heart” as he describes it, is very listenable and the hooks will stick with you long after the show is over. The Backbeats were one of the final four a cappella groups in last December’s second season of the NBC-TV singing competition The Sing-Off. Kenton was often the spokesman for the group, and impressed Ben with his lead performance late in the competition.

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