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Ryan Lerman

Ryan Lerman on new Lauren O’Connell song

Singer-songwriter Lauren O’Connell has a new song up on her MySpace and on YouTube. I Belong to You features Ben’s touring bassist Ryan Lerman, whom Lauren describes as “stupid talented,” on guitar, bass, piano, assorted percussion, and accompanying vocals. From the small world department, Lauren, who hails from the Napa Valley area of California, has a project with Nataly from Pomplamoose as well.

New track by Ryan Lerman

Ryan Lerman

Ryan Lerman - The Spark

Ryan Lerman, Ben’s touring bassist, has a new track, The Spark, up on YouTube. It’s an evocative ballad about having regrets over a breakup, featuring Ryan on guitar, bass, drums and B3. Give it a listen, and while you’re there, check out his back catalog including a nice Elliot Smith cover.